Chevrolet Car Lease Options

Should you buy, or should you lease?

There's benefits to both ways you can get into a new vehicle - weigh your options, and figure out what works best for you.

Why should you choose to Lease your next vehicle over Buying?

  • LEASE: the vehicle has a guaranteed end of contract value
  • PURCHASE: the vehicle has no guaranteed end of contract value, and may experience accelerated depreciation
  • LEASE: contract obligations are short (typically 24-48 months)
  • PURCHASE: contract obligations are long (typically 84-96 months)
  • LEASE: GM Financial Customers have Gap Protection, and are not harmed financially if their lease vehicle is written off and valued by ICBC at a lesser value that what is still owed on the contract
  • PURCHASE: trade-in value is significantly lower if the vehicle has been in an accident, leaving the customer to pay the difference out of pocket
  • LEASE: vehicle can be protected with wrap around warranty and maintenance packages for the entire term of the contract
  • PURCHASE: vehicles with extended finance terms will experience warranty and maintenance expiry before the vehicle is paid off, right around the time when mechanical problems typically begin to arise
  • LEASE: easy to upgrade into vehicles with advance technology every 24-48 months
  • PURCHASE: longer finance contracts mean the customer must wait longer before upgrading to vehicles with advanced safety and comfort technology